Namasté and Welcome to the World of Yidam Healing & Psychotherapy


What is a Yidam? With its ancient lineage in the Kagyü school of Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism, it is the manifestation of enlightenment and every aspect of it is ultimately meaningful in the way of transcendental emotional/psychological development & spiritual ascension. Yidam is also a form of ENERGY and LIGHT

The context for practice with a Yidam in meditation is called a “means of accomplishment”– a means of reaching one’s true, or Buddha consciousness nature as radiant awareness. Through working with a Yidam, we visualize ourselves as an enlightened deity which is designed to help us overcome our sense of “ordinariness” and to demonstrate, in a sense, the emptiness of our perceptions.


What is Reiki? Rei (pronounced ‘ray’ – this first syllable is stressed) is generally considered to signify ‘Soul or Spirit’ and Ki (pronounce ‘key’) is generally regarded as meaning literally ‘atmosphere, air, universe’ and more philosophically: ‘Life Force’, hence, Reiki assumes a typical translation meaning ‘Universal Life Force’.

The philosophy around Yidam Energy Healing is founded on methodologies combining Traditional Usui Style Reiki practices along with Angelic Reiki to bring about deep, profound healing and positive change in the clients (both people and animals).

I work through the concept of energy and flow with the chakra system to help connection between mind,body and spirit, which is central to Reiki principles in addition to using effective life coaching and psychotherapeutic techniques.The ultimate goal in my working with my clients is towards assisting in creating significant understanding and development of self & fearless movement forward to goals set from a platform of overall well-being. The ultimate quality of Conquering From Within is the embodiment of true long lasting change which is the motto behind the commitment to my work.

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