Energy work with Animals

In my working with your animals, I help you enhance the health, longevity, and quality of life of your pets. I work on addressing physical and behavioral issues through Reiki, bodywork, Chakra Systems & Healing Touch. The amount of dynamic energy and physical strength that an animal possesses frequently influences the character of their mental and psychological disposition.

My healing work will help bring your pet back to their highest given potential kick starting their own self healing ability.

Health is life energy in abundance
  • Energy healing uses energetic tools (because thoughts and feelings are energy) to extract these accumulated congested energies.
  • Energy healing helps provide support on the mental/emotional level:
    1. Fears/phobias
    2. Separation anxiety & Depression
    3. Treating trauma of being attacked at the dog park
    4. Nervousness/general anxiety
    5. Stress reduction during transport
    6. Stress, irritability, anxiety
    7. Grief over the loss of a person or animal friend
    8. Phobias, traumas, obsessions and compulsions

One important realization is that our pets have an emotional life.  Just like humans, their thoughts and feelings are energy. When they are surrounded by stressful situations, this energy gets absorbed. Over time, these negative energies accumulate and build up in their energy field, creating an imbalance.

Yidam Energy Healing focuses on giving your furry/feathered friends the gift of getting back in alignment allowing for a balanced, clear and healthy living.