Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

Namaste & Welcome. Are you looking to access inner wisdom or feel like you want more out of life for yourself or your relationships? As an MFT and an energy healer I can help you negotiate with issues that are holding you back from FULLY LIVING by providing you with therapeutic guidance within a non-judgmental, safe and confidential counseling setting. I view therapy as a collaborative process of empowerment & soul strengthening in the direction of overall wellbeing. The intention held in my all therapy sessions is getting in touch with pure joy, getting to know your inner self and learning to control awareness and intentionality. My speciality involves offering individual and family therapy sessions.

My work’s passion is working with couples who are looking enhance and evolve in their relationships; improve emotional closeness and develop a renewed sense of commitment (emotional and physical) and hope for and between one and other. My healing and life coaching repertoire reflects a combination of eastern and western counseling philosophies (physical, mental and etheric), mindfulness, emotional and psychic healing that I have developed as a result of my transglobal educational training and therapeutic experience. I look forward to helping you attain your ultimate personal potential.

My life coaching techniques focus on action and working out creative solutions to help you overcome the limitations you mind may be convincing you that you have thwarted your limitless potential thus far. Transformation that is continuous is contingent upon looking within and making deliberate changes that involve forgiving and letting go ( freedom from bondage).

When I let go of what I am, I become what I could be

Lao Tzu

Life Coaching is the art of helping people grow and maximize their potential without telling them what to do. My work design involves helping people navigate life transitions, set goals, establish priorities for their lives, make important changes, lower stress, create action plans, and more.

I provide both in-clinic and online appointments (Skype/zoom) based on your need

I look forward to helping you become ‘unstuck’ and start your alignment process with what your soul truly seeks to accomplish. Namaste!